Salzburger Advent Singing 2018 - "Silent Night"

In Salzburg’s Large ‘Festspielhaus’

200 years ago, the population around Salzburg suffered from poverty and hopelessness. A terrible war was slowly coming to an end. Salzburg lost its independence as a sacred and secular Prince Archbishopric, and sank into insignificance. The Rupertiwinkel region was incorporated into Bavaria and the rest was given to the Habsburgs. Oberndorf, the birthplace of "Silent Night! Holy Night!" was separated from its town of Laufen by the new border. And to top it all, the only connecting bridge over the Salzach River also collapsed. In this great misery, a handful of Oberndorfer jurors together with their families, experienced in the bitter cold of the 1818 Advent time, two miraculous events which would be discussed for a very long time...

This Salzburger Advent Singing is sensitively performed in the socio-cultural context of Oberndorf in the year 1818, and covers the events around Mary and Joseph with the annunciation of the Angel to Mary, from her visit to Elisabeth, via the arduous road to Bethlehem and onto the redeeming help of the shepherds. Such a seemingly terrible misfortune to befall these people on Christmas Eve, which could, however, only be averted by a miracle. A light of joy shines through the darkness of their existence. On the way to the midnight mass, they hear a wonderful, never heard before, delicate melody from the St. Nicholas Church: “Silent Night! Holy Night!” 

With this Salzburger Advent Singing, we want to offer a grateful reverence to Joseph Mohr and Franz Xaver Gruber. Their song of peace is a gift for the whole world. “Silent Night! Holy Night!” - This simple Salzburg Christmas Carol touches millions of people with its comforting message across both borders and time. It is sung in over 140 languages and is testimony to the great longing for love and peace by all people, who are of good will. With over 150 participants, with familiar songs and melodies from singers and musicians, with the exhilarating abandon of our Salzburg little shepherds, this Advent Singing delivers an impressively world-famous song which reminds us of that time.   

Hans Köhl, Overall Leadership

Performance dates 2018

First Advent Weekend

Fri. 30.11.2018      19:30   Premiere
Sat. 1.12.2018       14:00   Show
Sat. 1.12.2018       17:00   Show
Sun. 2.12.2018      14:00   Show
Sun. 2.12.2018      17:00   Show

Second Advent Weekend

Fri. 7.12.2018         19:30    Show
Sat. 8.12.2018        14:00    Show
Sat. 8.12.2018        17:00    Show
Sun. 9.12.2018       14:00    Show
Sun. 9.12.2018       17:00    Showng

Third Advent Weekend

Fri. 14.12.2018          19:30   Show
Sat. 15.12.2018         14:00   Show
Sat .15.12.2018         17:00   Show
Sun 16.12.2018         14:00   Show
Sun 16.12.2018         17:00   Show

How to find us

Ticket Service Salzburger Advent Singing
Salzburger Heimatwerk - Neue Residenz
A-5010 Salzburg, Residenzplatz 9

+43 (0)662 843 182

Opening times:

Monday to Friday: 9.00 to 14.00

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