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Der Sterngucker

"Der Sterngucker" 2019

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Thoughts on the Salzburg Advent Singing 2024

Stars! They glitter and sparkle like diamonds in the dark sky and have always held a special fascination for us humans. They are something delicate and mysterious and are seen as divine energy, as a revelation of heavenly powers.

During Advent, in the long nights before the winter solstice, the longing for light is known to be particularly strong. Just a tiny bit of starlight in the darkness can illuminate our minds. This fascination with the infinite starry sky prompted me to embed the Advent events surrounding Mary and Joseph in the eventful story of a stargazer and his little protégé.

The act

The stargazer is a lonely, old loner. He spends his life as a single farmhand on his brother’s mountain farm. His pride and joy is a modest, self-built “observatory” in a small hut, from which he dives into the infinity of the starry sky as often as possible. The little grandchild of his brother, who has already passed away, is increasingly gaining his trust and is initiated by him into numerous secrets of the starry world. Both listen to the silence of the infinite universe in order to become familiar with God, the creator of all existence. In the process, the two miraculously observe the Advent events surrounding Mary and Joseph and the appearance of the angel. In an exciting dream, the “little” stargazer suddenly finds himself in the midst of the shepherd children. A very special, magnificently shining star leads to the birth of the Savior. It becomes the star of love for the little stargazer…

Music and singing

The incomparable sound, the harmonious interweaving of folk music gems with classical and contemporary compositions in combination with the scenic performance makes the Salzburg Advent Singing a unique, unforgettable overall experience for countless guests year after year. Klemens Vereno is responsible for the compositional work. Advent melodies by Tobi Reiser, the founder of the Salzburg Advent Singing, along with many other musical and vocal “delights” will once again delight your hearts and get you in the mood for Christmas Eve.

The star of epiphany

When we look up at the starry sky, we realize that behind everything there is something great and benevolent, something infinitely divine. Perhaps we will discover – like the little stargazer – our own personal star of enlightenment, which could perhaps bring us a little closer to the peace we have longed for.

Yours, Hans Köhl – concept, book, overall direction

Der Sterngucker 2019

Picture gallery

Piece 2019


Leading Team


Elisabeth Eder (Sopran)

Martina Gmeinder (Mezzosopran)

Wolfgang Hundegger und seine kleinen Schützlinge
Lieserl /Magdalena Neureiter, bzw. Franzl / Sebastian Scheibner

Edwin Hochmuth und die ersten drei Hirten
v.l. Moidi / Michaela Vitzthum (Flügelhorn), Peterl / Fabian Stockinger (Gitarre), Reserl / Lorena Resch (Alt-Saxophon)

Salzburg shepherd children

Carolin Altenberger (Harmonika), Kiara Atteneder (Geige), Julia Burkali (Geige, Oboe), Johannes Doppler (Posaune, Hackbrett), Philip Eder (Posaune), Anna Lechner (Flöte), Felix Neureiter (Klarinette), Elisa Oberkofler (Harfe), Sarah Oberkofler (Horn), Magdalena Öschlberger (Geige, Flöte), Johanna Renzl (Geige), Leni Seer (Geige), Michael Thalmayer (Kontrabass), Sofie Zeilner (Geige)

Rehearsal, supervision

Gudrun Köhl-Korbuly, Markus Helminger, Simon Haitzmann

Vocal ensembles

Lg: Johanna Dumfart (Sopran; Arrangements);
Lisa Maria Stadler (Mezzosopran),
Jana Oberndorfer (Alt),
Ulrich Witkowski (Tenor),
Reinhard Gusenbauer (Bariton),
Josef Söllinger (Bass)

80 Sängerinnen und Sänger;
Einstudierung, Lg: Burgi Vötterl,
Obfrau: Berta Wagner


Lg: Reinhold Schmid (Gitarre; Arrangements);
Heidi Grundner (Harfe),
Kerstin Schmid-Pleschonig (Hackbrett),
Konstantin Schrempf (Orgelportativ),
Johannes Rohrer (Zither),
Franz Obermair (Kontrabass)

Lg: Maria Dengg (Geige);
Andrea Brucker (Bratsche),
Timea Laczkò-Tòth (Cello),
Burgi Vötterl (Geige),
Franz Obermair (Kontrabass),
Gundl Aggermann (Flöte)

Anton Gmachl (Klarinette)
Gundl Aggermann (Flöte)
Lg: Gottfried Linsinger (Oboe, Englischhorn)
Gerti Hollweger (Fagott)
Stefan Prommegger (Bassethorn)

Lg: Horst Hofer (Trompete, Flügelhorn);
Thomas Höger (Posaune),
Christian Sperl (Horn),
Zoran Curovic (Trompete, Flügelhorn),
Hans Gerl (Horn),
Erwin Wendl (Posaune

David Grubinger

technology, endowment

Lg: Hubert Schwaiger;
Wolfgang Brunauer, Paul Fresner,
Lichtinspizienz: Simon Nagl

Lg: Edwin Pfanzagl – Cardone;
Werner Heidrich

Lg: Helmut Schauer

Tischlerei Laserer, Gosau