The adventure school of the Salzburg shepherd children

The Salzburg Advent Singing - the big stage for young talents

The adventure school of the Salzburg shepherd children

The audience's favorites!

The Salzburg Advent Singing at the Great Festival Hall
delights around 36,000 guests every year
from all over the world. The performances and
commitment of the many soloists,
singers, musicians and actresses/
actors are magnificent.

However, the audience’s great favorites for over 70 years have always been the Hiatabuam and Hiatamadln. They capture the hearts
of the audience every year with their refreshing, carefree joy of playing.

A school for life!

Generations of shepherd children have already gone through the “Salzburg Advent Singing Adventure School”. The diverse experiences in the musical and theatrical and acting, the sharpening of a sense of community, reliability, concentration, stage presence and much more are valuable experiences that have a lasting effect on the shepherd children’s their whole life. Numerous successful doctors, lawyers, managers, craftsmen, entrepreneurs, civil servants, restaurateurs, etc. are now firmly established in life as former shepherd children.

Shepherds become musical role models.

Time and again, excellent singers and
musicians emerge from the flock of shepherd children, such as the now world-famous multi-percussionist Martin Grubinger, who
“likes to think back to the time and was always there with heart and soul” or, to name
just a few of the younger generation, Domi Meißnitzer, Phil Klieber and Anton
Mooslechner from the Wengerboch-Musi and Christina Fischbacher from the Tal-Bergmusi,
the Blusenknepf and the Salzach-Dirndlgsang… there are many more shepherds who made music their vocation.

Little shepherds in the Great Festival Hall

What is offered to a Salzburg shepherd child?

The Salzburg shepherd children receive extensive training and care throughout the year, with experiences
and adventures not being neglected either.

How does such an annual routine look in brief? After a break to recover from the previous Advent Singing, there is a joint ski day in the spring, where departing children
are given an honorable send-off into the “shepherd children’s pension”.

From Easter to the summer vacations, the children receive a valuable weekly training session from teachers in general singing, rhythm, speech and drama training. In this way, they are playfully prepared for their joint task as shepherd children. In between, there is an adventure weekend or, in bad weather,
an indoor swimming day, for example.

In the last week of the vacation, they spend four days at the Loferer-Alm, a rustic alpine hut with a mattress camp and lots of alpine experiences. The roles for the upcoming shepherd’s play are assigned and rehearsed intensively. The first costumes are also already being tried on.

Advent Singing

The shepherd children give us their talents, their time and their performances at the Advent caroling. But parents also invest their time in bringing and picking up the children for rehearsals, excursions and performances. We strive to provide the children with a special education and give them an unforgettable time in the Shepherd children's community.

Salzburg shepherd children

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