2016 Meeting of generations of shepherd boys and girls

An unforgettable experience

Meeting of generations of shepherd boys and girls

Meeting of "old" and "young" shepherds

Yesterday, the Salzburg Advent Singing invited all former and current Hiatabuam and Hiatamadln to the Loferer Alm. Full of energy and enthusiasm, the “shepherds” set off on a hike to the Marmorsee after a morning pint to make the reunion an unforgettable experience. Among them were the brothers Walter and Heinz Schmidinger, who had already performed as Hiatabuam in 1951 and were therefore the earliest participants in our festival. The life of veteran Heimo Falkensteiner (born in 1929) is also inextricably linked to the Salzburg Advent Festival: For over 20 years, he was the caretaker of the shepherd children. On the mountain pasture, he delighted them with the sounds of his Fotzhobel, as the harmonica is also known. Günther Auer, Chairman of the Friends of the Salzburg Advent Singing Association, was very enthusiastic about the meeting and is certain that such events will attract more members to the Friends’ Association. Also present were former Hiatabuam Dr. Michael Schaffer (Head of Human Resources Salzburg AG), Dr. Andreas Heuberger (Head Physician at Oberndorf Hospital), Dr. Wilfried Stadler (Management Consultant, Honorary Professor at Vienna University of Economics and Business) and Dr. Hannes Sollereder (Chief Physician at Salzburg University Hospital).

The shepherd community

Hans Köhl, the overall director of the Salzburg Advent Singing, is very keen to connect all the shepherd children with each other in order to intensify the exchange between young and old. This idea will be implemented in conjunction with the new website www.salzburgeradventsingen.at. Pictures from the archive will also be made available to the shepherd community for download via the website.

Generations of shepherds

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