The piece 2014

Der Sterngucker

A new version of the Advent Singing

Once again, the Salzburg Advent Singing will be performed in a new version, with a new approach. As the subtitle suggests, this time a “stargazer” (Alf Beinell) will form the connecting “red thread” to the biblical story. He will be accompanied alternately by the little girl Lieserl (Anna Neumayr) and the little boy Kaspar (Valentin Nagl).

The act

The stargazer is a simple old man. He worked as a farmhand on his brother’s mountain farm all his life and never married. The pride and joy of this loner and “farmer’s philosopher” is his modest “observatory”, which he has set up in a small hut above the farm and from which he immerses himself as often as possible in the fascination of the infinite starry sky. He has had no special schooling, but his thoughts are nevertheless intriguing. They testify to curiosity, a thirst for knowledge and humility before the divine.

The little companions are grandchildren of his deceased brother. In our dialect, we affectionately refer to this relationship as “G’schwistererkindskinder”. With their spontaneous, childlike questions, the two of them embarrass the stargazer more than once. As the children’s closest friend, the little bear Petzi is of course a must. He symbolically forms a beautiful connection to the starry sky during Advent. During these days, Jupiter and its four moons shine brightly in the sky and the nights are streaked with numerous shooting stars. The peak of the stream of shooting stars is known to be on December 23, when their radiant point lies in the middle of the constellation of the “Little Bear”.
For Mary, Venus shines with the greatest power in her time of Advent. After the sun and moon, this morning star is probably the most mythologically significant single star in the firmament. The star of love, of femininity, the symbol of the approaching Son of God – Venus has always been interpreted in many different ways. At dawn, Mary is singing the old tune “Two stars in the high heavens” all to herself, when suddenly spherical sounds she has never heard before reach her ears. An angel announces a wondrous message to her.

Thoughts on the Salzburg Advent Singing 2024

These and many other mental images are on my mind as I write these lines. Although the approach to the central biblical tradition is once again new, you will hear and experience many familiar things. You could almost say it’s an Advent song of remembrance, of course once again with folk music by Tobi and Tobias Reiser, the long-standing, formative personalities of our event. The two vocal ensembles, the “Perlseer Dirndln” and the “Salzburger Viergesang” will perform beautiful folk songs and yodels, such as the original shepherd’s song “Frisch auf und frisch nieder”, recorded in Bolzano around 1800. After many years, the Tresterer-Schönperchten of the Alpinia will once again delight the audience with their mystical, archaic stamping dance and the old, always popular hostel song “Wer klopfet an” will be a central part of this year’s hostel search.

Hans Köhl, general direction

Der Sterngucker 2014

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Simone Vierlinger / Eva Schinwald (Sopran)

Bernhard Teufl (Tenor)

Claire Elizabeth Craig

Alf Beinell

Anna Neumayr / Valentin Nagl (Trompete)

Simon Nagl (Dudelsack), Gregor Schuster (Tenorhorn), Lena Siller (Gitarre)

Felix Reinhard Leitner / Hans Köhl

Salzburger Hirtenkinder

Tobias Gadringer (Baßgeige),
Felix Grabner (Trompete),
Martin Grabner (Klarinette),
Theresa Hochleitner (Hackbrett),
Richard Hochleitner (Harmonika),
Moritz Hruschka (Geige),
Felix Leithner (Akkordeon),
Anna Lena Maislinger (Flöte),
Jonas Paar (Harmonika),
Sebastian Rindberger (Zuwipascher),
Monika Schöne (Klarinette, Flöte),
Thomas Siller (Steckerlschlager)

Production, Care

Markus Helminger, Simon Haitzmann, Caroline Richards, Hildegard Stofferin, Gudrun Köhl-Korbuly


Sopran, Harfe: Michaela Oswald;
Mezzosopran, Geige: Susanne Brückner;
Alt, Klarinette: Christina Wiesholzer

Sopran: Susanne Rindberger
Tenor, Gitarre: Rupert Rohrmoser,
Bariton: Thomas Schitter,
Bass: Bernd Haslauer

80 Sängerinnen und Sänger
Einstudierung, Lg: Burgi Vötterl


Gitarre, Lg: Reinhold Schmid;
Zither: Johannes Rohrer;
Hackbrett: Kerstin Schmid-Pleschonig;
Harfe: Stephanie Schwarz;
Kontrabass: Franz Obermair;
Orgelportativ: Barbara Schmelz

Ltg: Maria Dengg (Geige);
Burgi Vötterl (Geige),
Gundl Aggermann (Flöte),
Andrea Brucker (Bratsche,
Lorenzo Meseguer(Cello)

Trompete, Flügelhorn, Lg: Horst Hofer;
Trompete, Flügelhorn: Gerhard Gergely;
Trompete, Flügelhorn: Zoran Curovic;
Posaune: Christian Winter;
Posaune: Thomas Höger;
Posaune: Erwin Wendl

Oboe, Englischhorn, Lg: Gottfried Linsinger;
Fagott: Gerti Hollweger;
Klarinette: Anton Gmachl;
Klarinette, Bassklarinette: Stefan Prommegger

Thomas Grubinger

Die Salzburger Tresterer Schönperchten

Technik, Ausstattung

Heinz Ilsanker, Werner Breitenfelder

Edwin Pfanzagl – Cardone,
Günther Harner

Joinery Alfred Laserer, Gosau