The piece 2013


Human desires

These are the focus of this year’s reflections. The new complete work by Hans Köhl and Shane Woodborne is staged by Caroline Richards with seven images: longing for God, longing for love, longing for bliss, longing for trust, longing for security, longing for the miracle and longing for peace. Mary, Joseph, Elisabeth and the Salzburg shepherd children embody the biblical events in a newly interpreted plot.

The oracle around the temple maiden Mary

Stands at the beginning of the biblical story. Images of a happy love, but also depressing experiences characterize the story. Mary (Simone Vierlinger) spends a happy time with her base Elisabeth (Ilse Grießenauer), both filled with the Holy Spirit. After a desperate search for shelter, Mary and Joseph (Bernhard Teufl) finally find a place to stay with the shepherds in the field. In a new shepherds’ play, the children will interact with the vocal ensemble and the choir.

The children of Abraham

are at the center of the current plot, which develops parallel to the biblical events. The Christian David (Johannes Perkmann), the Muslim Sara (Nevena Lukic) and the Jew Hannah (Alexandra Tichy) show how, as children of Abraham, they can carry the secret of their faith within themselves in mutual respect and understanding. An eventful story, a reflection of recent and contemporary Salzburg history with astonishing reflections on biblical events.

At Salzburger Adventsingen 2013

focuses on what unites people rather than what divides them. Alongside the biblical events, it shows how people of different religions can find common ground in faith. As an elementary human need, longing forms the core of this new Salzburg Advent song for the spirit and soul, for the heart and mind.

Sehnsucht 2013

Picture gallery

The piece 2013



Simone Vierlinger (Sopran)

Ilse Grießenauer (Sopran)

Bernhard Teufl (Tenor)

Nevena Lukic

Hannes Perkmann

Alexandra Tichy

Salzburger Hirtenkinder

Simon Eichinger,
Tobias Gadringer,
Felix Grabner,
Martin Grabner,
Moritz Hruschka,
Felix Leithner,
Simon Nagl,
Valentin Nagl,
Jonas Paar,
Christina Rest,
Monika Schöne,
Gregor Schuster,
Lena Siller,
Helene Wimmer,
Tobias Wimmer

Production, Care

Markus Helminger, Simon Haitzmann, Caroline Richards, Gudrun Köhl-Korbuly, Hildegard Stofferin


Sopran: Anna Kluckner,
Mezzosopran: Christa Fuchsberger,
Alt: Anna Santner / Anna Weber

Tenor: Lukas Bahngruber,
Tenor: Thomas Hofbauer,
Bariton: Hans Köhl,
Bass: Josef Fuchsberger


Gitarre: Ltg. Reinhold Schmid,
Zither: Johannes Rohrer,
Hackbrett: Kerstin Schmid-Pleschonig / Christina Maurer,
Harfe: Hans Niedermaier,
Kontrabass: Franz Obermair,
Orgelportativ: Barbara Schmelz

Geige: Ltg. Maria Dengg,
Geige: Burgi Vötterl,
Flöte: Gundl Aggermann,
Bratsche: Andrea Brucker,
Cello: Lorenzo Meseguer

Trompete: Ltg. Horst Hofer,
Trompete: Erik Kern,
Trompete: Zoran Curovic,
Posaune: Dusan Kranjc,
Posaune: Thomas Höger,
Posaune: Erwin Wendl

Oboe: Ltg. Gottfried Linsinger,
Fagott: Gerti Hollweger,
Klarinette: Anton Gmachl

Thomas Grubinger


90 Sängerinnen und Sänger; Einstudierung / Leitung: Burgi Vötterl

Technology, Equipment

Heinz Ilsanker, Werner Breitenfelder

Edwin Pfanzagl – Cardone,
Günther Harner, Johannes Köhl

Joinery Alfred Laserer, Gosau