Der Sterngucker

This was the Salzburg Advent Singing 2019

Great interest for the Star Gazer

The 2019 Salzburg Advent Singing “The Stargazer” met with great interest and was the setting for a special anniversary, welcoming the two millionth visitor since the founding year of 1946. In 2020, book author Hans Köhl reflects on the Jewish origins of the story of the birth of Christ under the title “Fear not!”.

We would like to thank you for your great interest in the Salzburg Advent Singing at the Großes Festspielhaus! This year, at the request of many regular visitors, “Der Sterngucker” by Hans Köhl was performed in a new version and with a new “Sterngucker”. New to the team was director Daniela Meschtscherjakov, who put all the actors and shepherd children in the best possible light.

Successful Advent Singing 2019

It was another successful Advent Singing, accompanied by special numbers: For the 15th time, Klemens Vereno was involved as composer for a Salzburg Advent Singing – for the 10th time under the direction of Hans Köhl. He always manages to create a harmonious whole from the variety of ensembles. This year, the shepherd children were also integrated vocally into his compositions. On December 6, Hans Köhl welcomed the two millionth visitor to the Salzburg Advent Singing since it was founded in 1946. It was a great moment when Nicola Layenberger from Rosenheim was invited onto the stage of the Grosses Festspielhaus. And one day later, Bernhard Teufl celebrated his 200th appearance as “Josef”, for which Hans Köhl thanked him on the open stage. Hans Köhl, the overall director of the Salzburg Advent Singing, is proud and grateful for the great cooperation between all those involved in this major cultural event. Only such harmonious cooperation makes this special success possible. “It was wonderful!” was the most frequent feedback from countless visitors on the Salzburg Advent Singing Facebook page.

Looking forward to the Advent Singing 2020 "Fürchte dich nicht!"

Next year, 60 years of Salzburg Advent Singing will be celebrated in the Grosses Festspielhaus. In 1960, Tobi Reiser took up the offer from Governor Josef Klaus to move the Advent Singing from the Aula to the newly built Festspielhaus. A courageous step that has made this impressive development possible to this day.
A Salzburg Advent carol service with new approaches that carry the persistent power of hope for peace among people, even in our turbulent times. With compositions from the pen of Shane Woodborne, music by Tobi Reiser, numerous vocal and folk music treasures from our Alpine cultural region from our contributors such as the Salzburger Volksliedchor, the Mühlviertler Vokalensemble, the Salzburger Saitenmusikensemble, the Salzburger Geigenmusik, the Salzburger Blattbläserensemble, the wind ensemble Juvavum Brass, the Hirtenkindern and popular soloists such as Simone Vierlinger, Martina Gmeinder, Elisabeth Eder, Bernhard Teufl, Edwin Hochmuth and others. a.m.

The Advent Singing 2019

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