Bitte lächeln! Photo exhibition 2016

70 years of Salzburg Advent Singing

Bitte lächeln! Photo exhibition 2016

Exhibition due to the 70th anniversary of the Salzburg Advent Singing

Art photographs by Anny Madner, Otto Stibor, Helmut Sager, Oskar Anrather, Herbert Huber, Peter Schlager, Joachim Maislinger, Andreas Schaad, Franz Neumayr, Mike Vogl and Richard Schabetsberger.

“To be ready is much, to be able to wait is feasible, but to seize the right moment is everything.” (Arthur Schnitzler)

70 years of Salzburg Advent Singing with generations of participants, the consistency from the beginning until today and the continuous change are documented by a multitude of impressive pictures. 48 selected art photographs look back over the past decades.

All the photographers have been involved with the Salzburg Advent Festival for many years. Being familiar with the performances, capturing the important artistic messages and pressing the shutter release at the decisive moment is what distinguishes each individual. Everyone has a certain perception and a very personal style. The combination of the mind’s eye with the view through the lens and the sharpness of the technical realization are decisive for the quality of the artistic image statement.

The Salzburg Advent Singing in pictures

Anny Madner and Otto Stibor took photos of the early years in the Kaisersaal of the Residenz. Oskar Anrather and Helmut Sager used their Leica cameras to document the Advent Singing events for decades until the end of the 1980s, initially with analog image technology in black and white and later in color. Around 1990, Peter Schlager marked the start of art photography with digital image storage. The past decade is documented by expressive pictures by Joachim Maislinger, Andreas Schaad, Franz Neumayr and Mike Vogl. Leica photographer Richard Schabetsberger rounds off the exhibition with his aesthetic black and white images of the 2015 Salzburg Advent Festival.

Salzburg Advent Singing in collaboration with the Leica Gallery Salzburg and Hahnemühle FineArt Paper.