Salzburg Advent Singing 2019

"The Stargazer"

In Salzburg’s Large Festspielhaus

Der Sterngucker

Show Concepts
Stars! They glisten and sparkle like diamonds in the dark sky and have always had a special fascination for us humans. They are something delicate, mysterious, and are seen as divine energy, as the revelation of celestial powers. In the Advent time, in the long nights before the Winter Solstice, the longing for light is known to be particularly great. Even a tiny starlight in the darkness can already brighten our minds. This fascination of the infinite starry sky moved me to embed the Christmas story of Mary and Joseph in an eventful story of a stargazer and his little protégé.

To the plot

The stargazer is a lonely, old loner. He lives as a single servant on his brother's mountain farm. His only pride is a humble, self-established "observatory" in a small hut, from which he dives as often as possible into the infinity of the starry sky. The little grandchild of his already deceased brother wins him over and he takes the child on a journey through the numerous mysteries of the stars. Both listen to the silence of the infinite universe, to become acquainted with God, the creator of all being.

Thus, the two miraculously experience the Christmas tale of Mary and Josef, the appearance of the Angel and the adventurous tales of the shepherd children. In the great bustle of the imminent birth of the Saviour, the little child is suddenly in the midst of the shepherds in the field. A very special, radiant star leads to the birth of the Saviour. It becomes a star of love for the little stargazer...

Music and Singing
The unrivalled sound and the harmonious interweaving of folk music with classical and contemporary compositions, combined with the scenic play, makes the Salzburger Advent Singing an unforgettable overall experience for countless guests year after year. The compositional work is worked out in a proven manner by Klemens Vereno. Christmassy melodies from Tobi Reise, the founder of the Salzburger Advent Singing, will also this year delight your hearts and tune you in to the Holy Night, alongside many other musical and vocal "delicacies".

The star of enlightenment
When we look into the starry sky, it becomes clear that behind everything there is something great and kind, an infinite divinity. Perhaps, we will discover just how the little stargazer can bring us a bit closer to a long-awaited peace and our very own personal star of enlightenment.

Your Hans Köhl - Conception, book, overall management


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