Salzburger Advent Singing 2017

Show Concepts

"The blind shepherd"

A blind shepherd plays the central role in this Salzburger Advent Singing. He knows about the prophecy of Micha and Isaiah in the Old Testament and suspects the approaching arrival of the Saviour. His other senses are particularly sharpened by his blindness and it seems as if he can read thoughts and perceive images and messages, which remain hidden to us sighted people. The blind Shepherd who, when talking about Saint Exupery, ‘sees’ particularly well with his heart, is accompanied by young shepherdesses and shepherds. Together, they encounter Mary and Joseph and experience the arrival of the Saviour in a very impressive way.

This musical work by Shane Woodborne contains, aside from emotionally structured compositions, three impressive Cantatas which relate to biblical prophecies of Isaiah and reflect the thoughts of the blind shepherd. Traditional songs and melodies also enjoy a special significance in this Salzburger Advent Singing. These are artfully delivered by the soloists from the Salzburger Folk Choir, the Mühlviertler Trio and the Mühlviertler Vocal Ensemble, the Salzburger String Music Ensemble, the Salzburger Violinists, the Juvavum Brass Ensemble, the Salzburger Brass Sheet Music Ensemble and of course our audience's favourite - the Salzburger Shepherd Children. 

Hans Köhl
Overall leadership

"Every beginning holds its own magic."

- Hermann Hesse -

Salzburger Adventsingen 2017

01.12.2017 - 17.12.2017

performance start: friday 19:30, saturday and sunday 14:00 und 17:00
Duration of the event approximately 2 hours, no break

How to find us

Ticket Service Salzburger Advent Singing
Salzburger Heimatwerk - Neue Residenz
A-5010 Salzburg, Residenzplatz 9

+43 (0)662 843 182

Opening times:

Monday to Friday: 9.00 to 14.00

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