Friends of Salzburger Advent Singing

A Warm Welcome

to the Circle of Friends!

Our club, the "Friends of Salzburger Advent Singing", expresses its exceptional affinity for
the Salzburger Advent Singing and additionally, we support local folk culture.
Our main objectives are to preserve traditional cultural heritage and
support its innovative development.


"What you and all those involved place on the pre-Christmas gift table, so to speak, for us all is worthy of respect and recognition. A special event which really matches up to the length of the actual performance..." This is an invaluable addition to the performance which I no longer want to miss."

- -From the letter of a club member, on the matinee of the Salzburger Advent Singing, to the overall leader Hans Köhl

The Salzburger Advent Singing Fan Card

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Are you an ardent fan of Salzburger Advent Singing?

Then, why not apply for our "Salzburger Advent Fan Card" and secure numerous exclusive benefits!

Salzburger Advent Singing Ticket
As a club member, you get preferential treatment in the ticketing policy.

Exclusive events
You will get exclusive invites to club events, such as the annual Advent Singing Matinee in the Large ‘Festspielhaus’ in Salzburg

Club publications
You will receive all club publications free of charge, for example, the bi-annual Club Magazine.

Discounts when shopping in the Salzburger Heimatwerk Shop
When shopping, you will receive attractive special conditions with your personal Heimatwerk regular’s customer card.

Anniversary gift
Long-standing Club membership is honoured with a special reward.


Friends of Salzburger Advent Singing

A portrait of the club

A lot of praise for a "Circle of Friends" of a special kind!
Launched in 1984, the "Friends of Salzburger Advent Singing" club has today around 800 members and supporters who express their exceptionally large attachment to the Salzburger Advent Singing with their membership. This friendship by no means stops at the gates of Salzburg. As a rule of thumb, one-third of the "Friends" come from Austria and about two-thirds come from Germany. Even in Switzerland and Lichtenstein, the club has a small band of supporters to look forward to.

What does the "Friends of Salzburger Advent Singing" club do?
Nomen est omen. Thus, it is obvious that the Salzburger Advent Singing is the main focus of the club. Special value and hence support is placed on the year-round education of the ‘Shepherd Children’, as they are naturally the favourites of both the audience and also of the Circle of Friends. Wherever possible, folk cultural projects that are closely related to the Salzburger Advent Singing are also supported financially and promoted.

The Advent Singing Matinees

Already in December 1990, on the 70th birthday of Prof. Wilhelm Keller, the long-time composer of the Salzburger Advent Singing, the club granted a gift of special quality to all “Friends”. In the Large ‘Festspielhaus’, the Christmas oratorio "Adventus Domini" by Wilhelm Keller, was premiered during an Advent Singing Matinee. This morning ceremony, held always on the first Sunday in Advent in the Large ‘Festspielhaus’, has since then belonged to the most loved experiences of all Advent Singing Friends. Only here is it possible to get a deeper insight into each show, to follow the thoughts and motivations of the artists, and thus to get a truly memorable look behind the scenes.  

Special appreciation
Many members have been loyal to the club for decades, often down through the generations which is for us a special token of appreciation for this colourful Circle of Friends and the Salzburger Advent Singing. Thus, there are now a good number of honorary members and those who have been awarded for many years of membership. We offer praise and thanks in a special way to them all!

The active Board of Directors

Online orders are possible from 09.01.2019!


period of performance: 29.11.2019 - 15.12.2019
performance start: friday 19:30, saturday and sunday 14:00 und 17:00
Duration of the event: approximately 1,45 hours, no break



Ticket Service Salzburger Advent Singing
Salzburger Heimatwerk - Neue Residenz
A-5010 Salzburg, Residenzplatz 9

+43 (0)662 843 182

Opening times:
Monday to friday: 9.00 to 14.00

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