Salzburg Advent Festival 2018

Silent Night

Looking Back to the Year 1818
In 2018, the 200th anniversary of the composition of Stille Nacht, known to the English-speaking world as Silent Night, the Salzburg Advent Festival at the Großes Festspielhaus hearkens back to the genesis of this famous carol. The advent story of Mary and Joseph becomes a real-life experience in the social and cultural context of Oberndorf in the year 1818. In 1803 Salzburg lost its independence as the theological and worldly seat of the Prince-Archbishops, sinking into meaninglessness. The Rupertiwinkel fell to Bavaria, the rest of the territory to the House of Hapsburg. The small village of Oberndorf was cut off from its administration in the city of Laufen by the new border. The impoverished Salzach River watermen  from “Austrian Laufen”, however, refused to be discouraged. With their traditional watermen’s troupe, they first performed a play for advent. They had no idea that after their performance for Holy Night, a very special carol would be heard for the first time. A song which would grow dear to the hearts of all peoples of the world as a song of peace…

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What’s the secret?

At the heart of the Salzburger Advent Singing lives the perpetual desire for harmony and peace. Even though this desire began back in 1946, it has lost none of its original intention even today. The religious message, carefully interwoven with folk culture elements and contemporary thinking still delivers a very special atmosphere of fascination and reflection that you can only really experience at the Salzburger Advent Singing in the Large ‘Festspielhaus’. Whoever opens their heart to this will undergo a moving experience, whether laughing refreshingly at the childlike charm of the little shepherds or even shedding tears of joy at the devoted yodellers.


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With around 36.000 tickets, however, there are always "ticket returns".

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period of performance: 30.11.2018 - 16.12.2018
performance start: friday 19:30, saturday and sunday 14:00 und 17:00
Duration of the event: approximately 1,45 hours, no break


The Salzburger Advent Singing in the Large ‘Festspielhaus’ is the nucleus of and the big role-model for numerous "Advent Singing" events in the whole German-speaking world. Around 1.7 million visitors have already visited this unique event during the Salzburger Advent period.

- Hans Köhl -


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